Hollyoaks’ Kevin: Jake’s bad side won’t disappear

Hollyoaks’ Kevin Sacre says Jake’s comeback will be dramatic… and deadly?

Jake’s released from the psychiatric unit. Is he better?

“He doesn’t think so. He didn’t want to be released. He’s paranoid everyone’s going to hate him and he’ll always be known as the guy who tried to murder Charlie and rape Nancy.”

What sort of homecoming does he get?

“Even his own mother and sister don’t meet him on his release and Nancy’s just plain terrified.”

What did he expect?

“He thought things were going to be okay with Nancy because of the letters he got inside.”

Were the letters from Nancy?

“He thought they were from Hannah, sort of on Nancy’s behalf. The letters were really encouraging and led him to believe he’d be accepted back by everyone on his return. But it turns out they weren’t from Hannah… they were from Loretta pretending to be Hannah.”

Why would Loretta have done that? She didn’t even know Jake before…

“That’s a mystery that will eventually be revealed. For now I can only say that Jake

and Loretta will become an item…”

Isn’t Frankie glad to have Jake back?

“She isn’t even there when he gets home. Jake feels like no one wants him back.”

Darren tricked Jake into taking the blame for Sean’s murder to protect Warren. How does he feel about him now?

“Things get off to a very bad start when they’re alone and Darren deliberately winds Jake up.”

What happens?

“Jake’s temper slowly builds until he snaps and Darren finds himself on the end of Jake’s wrath. Darren’s petrified…”

Should he be? Is Jake still unstable?

“Frankie worries he is when she finds out and Jake’s vanished. But when she finds him he talks about the pain he’s caused and how he’s worried he‘ll never be able to forgive himself, and she realises his actions were a cry for help.”

Why does Frankie give up Charlie?

“Nancy sees Jake with Charlie and gets him arrested for breaking the terms of his bail. Frankie’s terrified Charlie will be taken into care and Jake will end up back in the psychiatric unit so she gives Charlie to Nancy. It’s heartbreaking.”

Is everyone right not to trust Jake?

“You never know, do you? Jake’s got that bad side to him and it’s not just going to disappear.”

Could Jake be the one in danger? Might someone be out for revenge on him?

“All I can say is I’m back for a huge storyline. It’s top secret and people will love it.”

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