Hollyoaks’ Kieron Richardson reveals why Ste pleads guilty

Kieron Richardson tells Soaplife that Ste’s ready to plead guilty to murder and be punished for helping his mum to die in Hollyoaks…

Ste’s not really murderer so why should he go to prison?
“In Ste’s heart, he knows he did the right thing; he did what his mum wanted. But he also accepts that he took part in an assisted suicide, which is against the law.”

Doug wants Ste to change his plea. Will he?
“There’s this nice scene outside the court where Doug reads Ste his rights and says he’s being selfish and not thinking about Leah and Lucas. He tells him that he thinks nobody cares, but that’s not true, Doug does care and he tells Ste he’ll be missed.”

What happens in court?
“Ste opts to defend himself and pleads guilty, but he can’t forget Doug’s words. He’s confused. He’s behaving erratically and will either get himself sent down for 20 years or get himself off the hook.”

Has Ste explained to his children what’s happening?
“No and he’s really cross when Doug brings them over to say goodbye to Ste. He didn’t want to look at their faces knowing he might never see them again.”

And he really might never see Leah again no matter what happens in court…
“Yes. Leanne’s looking after Ste’s kids and Leah hears her telling someone that Ste killed his mum. She’s upset and runs away…”

Where will this all end?
“In early winter, viewers will see why Ste has been pushed to the brink. There’s finally going to be a bit of light at the tunnel!”