Hollyoaks Kieron Richardson warns that Brendan’s abuse won’t stop Ste falling for him…

Has Ste actually fancied Brendan from the moment he arrived
in the village?

“Ste began to see Brendan in another light when Brendan told him he does all of the bad stuff for his kids. Ste could suddenly identify with him because he does the same. Now he wants to be his friend.”

Brendan wants more than that. Does Ste get a hint when Brendan stops him from dating Rae?
“No because it’s all very subtle. Brendan suggests a boys’ night at the casino… he’s getting Ste right where he wants him, but Ste hasn’t a clue.”

And yet Ste makes the first move on Brendan. Does Brendan encourage it?
“After the casino Ste’s drunk and they end up back at Cheryl’s flat for more drinks. Ste stumbles and they end up in an embrace on the sofa. There’s a dramatic pause that seems to go on for ever then Ste kisses Brendan out of the blue. Brendan is like ‘What are you doing?’ and throws him out.”

So Ste is gay, then?
“I think he’s bisexual. The next day he’s confused and scared and he apologises to Brendan in the cellar at the club. But Brendan is surprisingly calm and instead quizzes Ste over the kiss. Ste tells him there was this guy in prison who he fancied, but nothing happened. Ste is stunned when Brendan pushes him against the wall and kisses him.”

Were you shocked when you found out about this storyline?
“I was called to see the producer and thought, ‘Oh no, I’m going’, but I was told they had this huge storyline for me. It’s the biggest storyline I’ve had at Hollyoaks and it’s really pushing me as an actor.”

When does the violence begin?
“The next night. Brendan leads Ste down to the cellar and he thinks they’re going to kiss again. But instead Brendan punches him in the stomach, knocking him for six. Immediately afterwards, Brendan insists on taking Ste to hospital to check he’s OK.”

What does Ste make of it?
“He’s confused. One minute Brendan is punching him, the next he’s kissing him.”

Does Ste stay involved with Brendan because he’s scared?
“He knows Brendan’s totally psychotic… but Ste is hooked.”