Hollyoaks’ Louise: Locked up!

Louise didn’t kill Sean in Hollyoaks – but actress Roxanne McKee reveals that doesn’t stop her going to prison!

How shocked was Louise when Warren confessed he was Sean’s killer?

“I’m sure deep down Louise knew Warren had something to do with Sean’s disappearance. I mean, you don’t tell the gangster who’s in love with you that you’re being bullied and expect nothing to happen to the person who’s doing the bullying.”

Louise says Warren’s secret is safe with her but is it?

“Louise is very much in love with Warren. She’s a gangster’s moll at the end of the day. He has her word that she won’t tell anyone.”

Can she really remain in love with him now that she knows he’s a killer?

“In some ways the secret makes them stronger. Although it is a very difficult situation for Louise I think she will become much darker and they’ll unite and stay together.”

She goes to Sean’s funeral. Is that wise?

“Sean’s mum invites her and she insists to Warren that she has to or it will look bad. But after spending the day lying to Sean’s mum she wishes she hadn’t.

There’s another reason too though… right?

“The police are there and she’s totally unnerved by them, especially when she then receives a payout on a life insurance policy of Sean’s.”

Is she scared they’ll find evidence against Warren?

“Of course but it turns out she should be more worried for herself.”

Why… what happens?

“Zak is interviewed by the police as he was the last known person to see Sean alive… and he ends up dropping Louise right in it!”

Do the police question her too?

“Worse! They arrest her on suspicion of murder then they find evidence to link her to Sean’s body and she’s charged with murder and locked up!”

Will Warren confess to save her?

“He wants to but she begs him not to… she’s sure there must be another way.”

Like what?

“Warren believes that if Zak changes his statement the case against Louise will collapse. He offers him £10,000 but Zak refuses.”

Sounds like things could get desperate… Might Warren frame Justin?

“He has a more foolproof idea… for Justin to confess.”

How will Warren force him to do that?

“He thinks money can solve everything and makes him an offer he thinks he can’t refuse – £100,000 to take the rap.”

Will Justin do it? And would Warren and Louise go as far as to frame him if he refuses?

“If Justin turns the offer down Louise is in big trouble… She wouldn’t exactly feel good about someone innocent being done for Sean’s murder but if it meant she and Warren were to free to live their lives, she wouldn’t do anything to stop it either.”

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