Hollyoaks: Mercedes’ make-up trauma

Hollyoaks actress Jennifer Metcalfe has admitted she wouldn’t mind playing a down and out character – because it would mean less time in the make-up chair.

The actress revealed it takes quite a bit of time getting ready to be her soap alter ego Mercedes McQueen, reports The Sun.

She said: “Getting up and going into make-up everyday, being in there for an hour-and-a-half ain’t fun at all. My ideal role would be like a prostitute or a smack-head or something so I could go in looking so rough!”

Metcalfe, who is up for Sexiest Female at the forthcoming British Soap Awards, added: “I’d like to play a character that doesn’t have to get her body out all the time so if you’re having a fat day like all women do then you don’t have to get your flesh out.

“Some of the clothes Mercedes wears are hilarious. If I’m having a fat day, I’m like ‘I don’t feel comfortable in this today’ – but if I’ve already been filmed wearing it then for continuity I just have to grin it and bear it.

“When that happens I just wear a dressing gown permanently when I’m there so I’m covered from head to toe and I don’t feel uncomfortable and when I have my dinner I can let it all out.”

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