After two and a half years as glamour model/wannabe WAG, Mitzeee Minniver, Hollyoaks star Rachel Shenton is leaving the Channel 4/E4 soap this month. But how does she come to meet TV presenter, Eamonn Holmes? And will it be a happy ending for the bubbly character?

When Riley was shot dead by undercover copper, Walker, did Mitzeee ever consider avenging his death?

“No she didn’t. Obviously she was very, very sad about what happened. But ultimately she has been concentrating on getting on with the rest of her life.”

How does she react when Riley’s dad, Carl, returns to the village and reveals a big plan to kill Walker?

“It’s very unexpected. At first, Mitzeee wants nothing to do with Carl’s plan. She doesn’t want blood on her hands and thinks that it would make them as bad as Walker. But once Carl starts to explain she changes her mind. She’s like, ‘I’m in. Let’s do this!'”

How does Mitzeee end up appearing on Sky TV with Eamonn Holmes?

“Carl comes up with a plan for them to appear on live TV, which they will then use as their alibi when Walker is killed. So Mitzeee is booked to appear on Eamonn’s show and talk about Riley’s death and the charity that they have set up in Riley’s name.”

What was it like working with Eamonn Holmes?

“He was so much fun! He was very enthusiastic and asked lots of questions about the Hollyoaks characters. I’d said hello to him at the National TV Awards before but this was the first time I’d met him properly. He’s a really funny guy.”

Mitzeee has also just found out that she’s pregnant. How does she feel about that?

“It’s total disbelief. She hadn’t thought for a second that she could be pregnant. When she finds out who the dad is, it’s a total surprise! I knew the writers would come up with something exciting but I didn’t think it would be this perfect.”

So is it a happy ending for Mitzeee?

“All I can say is, there are going to be a lot of tears during her final episodes. And something very unexpected happens. So you’ll have to watch and see!”

During your time on Hollyoaks, what have been some of your favourite storylines?

“Definitely when Mitzeee was in prison for a crime she didn’t commit. I also loved doing the Hollyoaks Later which featured Mitzeee’s guide to becoming a WAG.”

Are you happy to leave Mitzeee’s sister, Maxine (Nikki Sanderson) to carry on the Minniver name?

“Oh, Nikki’s a great girl and doing a cracking job as Maxine. So I feel very happy that she’ll carry on with the short skirts and high heels for me!”

What’s next for you?

“There are a couple of things in the pipeline. But mostly I’m just excited to see what happens next!”

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