Hollyoaks’ Myra McQueen to run the marathon!

Hollyoaks actress Nicole Barber-Lane has confirmed that she will be running in this year’s London Marathon.

The actress, who plays downtrodden Myra McQueen on the hit teen soap, will don a pair of running shoes and take to the streets of London as she takes part in the event, which takes place on April 13.

Nicole will be running to raise money for the Jeans For Genes charity, which funds research into genetic disorders affecting thousands of children.

Nicole told the Hollyoaks website: “One of my friends sent me a text message saying: ‘Sorry I haven’t been in touch. I’ve been in hospital because when I heard you were doing the marathon I collapsed!'”

She added: “I had an ex-boyfriend contact me saying ‘Oh my god, I remember when I had to drag you home’ because I just wouldn’t walk! People who know me are like ‘are you insane?'”

The actress made her Hollyoaks debut in 2006, and has quickly established herself as one of the show’s most popular characters.

Nicole’s character has had a rough time of late, landing in hot water with the police after they found out she was cheating on benefits.

Her arrest comes as her long-lost son Niall stepped up his war of terror against her family, which has seen the hair stylist inject his half-sister Michaela with heroin.

Nicole has also appeared in Emmerdale, medical drama Bodies and Bafta-winning series The Cops.