Hollyoaks’ Nick: ‘Tony is dead scared!’

Hollyoaks’ Nick Pickard reveals to Soaplife that Tony’s cancer surgery isn’t the end of his battle against the big C – it’s just the beginning!

Tony isn’t expecting the doctors to tell him that his cancer has spread, is he?
“No. And suddenly he’s faced with his own mortality. He’s petrified and he breaks down and starts crying.”

What does this mean for Tony?
“He’s done a lot of research so he knows exactly what it means. He’ll have to have chemotherapy, he’ll lose his hair, have organ damage – the realities are terrifying.”

What’s his greatest fear?
“Having his children come into the world when he isn’t there to see them. All he’s ever wanted in life was to have a normal family. His daughter, Grace, died and now he has this chance of happiness with Diane. If he were to die, not having a family would be his biggest regret.”

But Tony still hasn’t told Diane about his cancer. Why?
“He dreads telling her for several reasons. Firstly, she’s already had a few miscarriages and he’s worried the stress could push her over the edge. Secondly, he’s not sure she cares for him enough to stick around. It’s not like they’ve been married for 20 years.

Is he going to die?
“That was the first thing that I asked the Hollyoaks producers, but I can’t tell you what they said!”


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