Hollyoaks’ Nikki Sanderson: I know who the Gloved Hand Killer is! (VIDEO)

Hollyoaks actress Nikki Sanderson has revealed that she knows who the mysterious Gloved Hand Killer in the soap is – and it might not be who we expect.

“I do know who it is,” teased Nikki. “Everyone’s so excited about the reveal because it could be any one of us.

“People are presuming it’s the people who have been involved along the way. We’re trying to say ‘It might be one of them. It might not be!’ You’ll just have to wait and see.

“People are saying to me ‘Is it so and so? Is it so and so?’,” she continued. “To be fair, no one’s actually said to me yet who it really is.”

The Hollyoaks Gloved Hand Killer

Who is the Gloved Hand Killer? (Lime Pictures)

The murderous storyline began in January when Rick Spencer was killed in hospital.

Since then, Will Savage and Mariam Andrews have also fallen victim, with the likely suspects being Celine McQueen, Kim Butterfield, Lindsey Butterfield or Tegan Lomax. The killer will finally be revealed later this month as part of Hollyoaks’ 20th anniversary celebrations.

Hollyoaks has released a trailer for its 20th anniversary week. I someone about to meet a watery grave?

Nikki, who plays Maxine Minniver, also spoke about the upcoming storyline where Maxine’s abusive husband Patrick (Jeremy Sheffield) struggles with his recent diagnosis of Motor Neurone Disease.

“He is in a position where he actually needs Maxine,” she revealed. “And in the next few weeks you’ll see the man who is in control of everything lose control.

Patrick seeks to take advantage of Maxine (Lime Pictures)

Patrick asks Maxine for help (Lime Pictures)

“The one thing he wants to do is keep that control until death by choosing when, where and how he dies. And obviously with the disease, he’s not physically able to do that. So he needs to ask somebody to help him, and Maxine is the person he chooses.

“So we’ll see if she says yes or no and whether she will help her abuser out of pain.”

On the challenges of tackling such a sensitive topic, Nikki praised her co-star Jeremy.

“Jeremy has been phenomenal. And he’s done so much research about it, because we feel that being given a storyline like this and obviously the content of it, we want to make sure that it’s done correctly and that the right message is going out to the public.

“I’m lucky that I’m getting to be involved in such a huge storyline with him.”

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