Hollyoaks’ PJ: ‘Kissing Kieron was nerve-wracking’

Hollyoaks‘ PJ Brennan reveals to Soaplife how Doug’s not playing it straight any more. His gaydar has switched on – and turned him on to Ste! Well, no one saw that coming – especially not Ste!

So, Doug fancies Ste. Has he always had feelings for him?

“No, I don’t think Doug has considered Ste in that way before. He’s oblivious to the fact that he’s been getting closer and closer to Ste. It started the other week, when they were working late at night in the deli and they had an awkward hug. At that moment, something clicked inside of Doug, although he wasn’t really aware of what it was.

But only last year Doug was in love with Bex!

“He was. But now he has to rethink what kind of love it was. Lots of people find out that they’re gay later in life. And Doug is only 20.”

What happens to make Ste kiss Doug?

“It happens in the deli. Doug comes storming in, he’s a bit heated because he’s jealous of Ste and Adam and basically Ste kisses him to shut him up.”

Is Doug already in love with Ste?

“It is love and, if you think about it, it’s not that difficult to see why these two would find solace in one another. They have a strong friendship. They’ve both been through tough times. They are well suited.”

How did you feel about kissing Kieron [Richardson, who plays Ste]?

“It was nerve wracking, but we talked about it beforehand. It is very different to kissing a woman for the cameras.”

In his twisted way, Brendan’s still obsessed with Ste. Should this worry Doug?

“Doug is one of the people who knows what a threat Brendan poses when it comes to Ste. There’s plenty of drama to come.”