Hollyoaks’ Rachel: ‘Mitzeee ruins her big break’

Hollyoaks babe Rachel Shenton reveals to Soaplife how Mitzeee is driven to desperation by her tormentor’s latest stunt!

The mystery of Mitzeee’s stalker deepens when she receives the creepiest gift yet. But is she about to come face to face with the person who’s been making her life a misery? “We’ll see the stalking go to a whole new level,” says Rachel. “Until Mitzeee gets to a point where she arranges to meet the stalker.” All we can say is prepare to be shocked!

How scared is Mitzeee of her stalker?

“What’s really scaring her is the fact this person seems to know her well. She’s had one or two strange gifts, for example, she mentioned in an interview that she liked blue sweets and then she was sent some. And she gets a box of cakes that spell out ‘I can see you.'”

Creepy! Does she have any idea who it might be? Mercedes maybe?

“No, she doesn’t and Mercedes hasn’t even crossed her mind. She thinks it’s a crazed fan.”

So, what’s in the latest stalker package she gets?

“A creepy, dishevelled Barbie doll dressed as her. What’s really scary is that the gifts come to her flat or the club so the stalker knows where she is. She’s freaked out but tries to forget about it. She’s got this TV gig coming up and it’s really important to her.”

Tell us about this TV job…

“It’s a new makeover show. Mitzeee’s been on the Z list for some time and this is her big break. It’s an ideal show for her and she’s really excited.”

What happens when the show goes on air?

“Mitzeee’s mentioned her favourite fruit is plums and when she goes to her dressing-room she finds that somebody has sent her some plums. Then a super-fan comes on the show for a makeover and Mitzeee loses it on live TV, accusing this woman of being her stalker.”

Is she?

“No. After it’s all kicked off and Mitzeee’s lashed out at this woman live on air, Esther tells her she told the fan Mitzeee loved plums. Mitzeee’s devastated. When she leaves the stage she thinks she’s ruined her big break.”

Does she tell Riley about her stalker?

“She hadn’t told him because he’s got Bobby and she worried he might not want to be around her if he knew there’s this mad stalker on the scene. But after the TV disaster, she tells him and he’s really sweet about it and says he’ll be there for her.”

Is Mitzeee happy to be just friends with Riley now?

“She’s in love with him and has been for ages, and I think he feels the same. But nothing is ever said – it’s the elephant in the room. Perhaps they both fear rejection.”

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