Actor Ricky Whittle has said the Hollyoaks cast party like no other – and he has a fair idea why…

“It’s a fantastic community. I think because we’re from all different places it helps,” he said.

Comparing his soap to others, Ricky, who plays Calvin Valentine, said: “Everyone from Corrie is from Manchester and so they have their friends locally, so when they leave the set they go back to their friends and it’s the same in EastEnders, they are all from London and all go back to their friends in London.

“Whereas in Hollyoaks because we’re from all over – Manchester, Liverpool, Birmingham, London – our friends are the people we meet on the show. I think that’s made us so close as we all socialise together and it makes it a good place to be. We’re always partying!”

Ricky’s character Calvin is about to become embroiled in some riveting new storylines,

“They’ve told me some fantastic storylines where basically Calvin and Warren, who are the two alpha males in the village and are seen as good versus evil, are going to start confiding in each other because they’ve got this bond between them.

“While it begins as blackmail, and Calvin doesn’t like it, they actually turn into allies and then eventually into friends and the two of them are going to get into a load of trouble. It’s just great for me and Jamie Lomas, who plays Warren, because they’ve got some fantastic storylines and it’s going to get really dark.