Hollyoaks hunk Rob Norbury explains to Soaplife why it’s an emotional time for Riley when Mercy’s baby scan reveals… nothing!

Riley feels like the cat that got the cream when he wins an award and proudly dedicates it to fiancee Mercedes. But when he invites her on to the stage she falls, sparking a panic over the baby. Is the truth about her pregnancy about to be revealed? “Riley will be stunned if he finds out the pregnancy’s a lie,” Rob tells Soaplife. Prepare for shocks.

How does Riley feel about becoming a dad?
“At first the thought scared him – he’s only 19. But now he’s started to embrace the idea. He gets Mercy’s name tattooed on his arm and kits out the nursery. It’s his way of saying he’s 100 per cent ready for fatherhood and marriage. He’s completely head-over-heels in love with Mercy.”

But then there’s a terrible accident…
“Riley gets Young Player of the Year award and he’s really proud. He starts gushing about Mercy and tries to drag her on to the stage, but he’s a bit drunk and accidentally pulls her over when her heel gets stuck. Myra starts screaming, ‘The baby! The baby!'”

Do they call an ambulance?
“Myra says Mercy just needs to go home and rest as they know there’s no baby. But Heidi insists Mercy goes to hospital so Carl and Riley take her – and the doctor scans for a baby’s heartbeat…”

Uh-oh. How will Riley feel if he finds out she’s been lying?
“He won’t be able to take it in. He wouldn’t understand why a person would lie about something like that. He wouldn’t believe Mercy could be so twisted.”