Hollyoaks‘ Rob Norbury wants his character Riley Costello to move on and enjoy life.

The footballer is set to marry pregnant fiancee Mercedes Fisher – who has been having a secret affair with his dad Carl – and it is believed he will find out about the affair at the wedding. But Rob doesn’t want Riley to sit around moping.

Rob said: “Obviously he’s been through a lot and it takes its toll, but I’d like to see him pick himself up and enjoy life again and make the most of the fact he is only a young lad and he’s in the position he’s in.

“I’d like to see him become a bit stronger and more streetwise because I do think he’s a bit naive at points.”

The soap star revealed things are more exciting at Hollyoaks since Emma Smithwick took over as producer.

He said: “There’s a lot of changes, especially in the cast, a few new people starting and I think every time somebody new comes in there’s an excitement and a buzz.

“Everybody’s just really enjoying being at work at the moment and that’s when you get the best out of everyone.”

But he admitted he will miss Victoria Atkin, who plays his transgender brother, Jason Costello, and is leaving the show.

Rob said: “Victoria’s happy and she feels she’s taken that character as far as she can. She’s done amazingly with the part and the storyline. She’s done a good job on it.

“It’s gutting for me because I don’t want to see someone I’ve worked with quite a lot go. But she wants to go and do other things, and I’ll still be speaking to her so it’ll be all right.”