Hollyoaks’ Sarah George and Jess Ellis reveal depth of fans’ obsession with the Gloved Hand Killer (VIDEO)

Hollyoaks hospital nurses, Tegan and Celine, are high on the list of suspects when it comes to the identity of the Gloved Hand Killer, who has slowly been bumping off hospital patients since the beginning of the year.

Before the soap celebrates its 20th anniversary, we caught up with Hollyoaks stars Jessica Ellis (Tegan) and Sarah George (Celine) who explained the depth of fan’s interest in the Gloved Hand Killer storyline!

“I was in Top Shop the other day and they said they’d give me a discount if I told them who the Gloved Hand Killer is!” revealed Sarah. “I didn’t. But there’s been speculation on set for weeks and weeks about who the Gloved Hand Killer is.”

There’s a whole load of other stuff going on during anniversary week, as Tegan and her brother, Ste, confront Diane and Tony over their decision to keep Rose, who Tegan has raised since birth, unaware Rose and Diane and Tony’s daughter, Dee Dee, were swapped at birth.

“We will see a resolution to this storyline,” says Jessica. “Things are coming to a head because Diane still has Tegan’s baby.”

Watch Hollyoaks’ 20th anniversary week from Monday, October 19 on Channel 4. Watch the interview with Sarah and Tegan, above.

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