Hollyoaks star Scarlett Bowman reckons Callum Kane is ‘really good’ for her character Maddie Morrison.

Hollyoaks viewers have seen romance blossom between Maddie and clean-cut Callum, played by Laurie Duncan, and Scarlett reckons the relationship is working wonders for her sixth-form character.

“Callum’s really good for Maddie. He’s quite an earthy character, and he really grounds her. He’s great for her and she can learn a lot from him. He sort of reins her in a bit,” the actress said.

“It’s a big step because Maddie is such a head case. She gives off this persona of being the girl-about-town and pretty capable of everything, but she’s really into Callum in a big way. She’s really putting her heart on her sleeve.”

Maddie’s self-imposed three-month ban on getting intimate is set to end next week, and while sleeping with Callum is a “massive thing” for her character, filming the intimate scene was just another day at the office for Scarlett.

“I think it’s easier to film scenes like that with people you know, and obviously I’ve been working with Laurie for a while now. You’re just having a laugh and getting on with it,” she said.

“But it’s a funny feeling, getting up, coming into work and then putting your pyjamas on and jumping into bed!”