Hollyoaks Gemma Merna tells Soaplife that Carmel gets her revenge when she forces Theresa to give her Calvin’s baby!

Carmel gives Theresa a terrible ultimatum – she gives her Calvin’s baby or Carmel turns her in to the police. Why?
“She’s thinking about Calvin, what Theresa did and how she must be punished.”

How can she take her cousin’s own child?
“In Carmel’s mind, the baby is hers. It’s Calvin’s baby therefore it is her baby because they were supposed to be the ones who were going to have a child together. Instead, Carmel tells Theresa that she won’t report her if she lets her keep baby Angel.”

It’s a terrible thing to do – what is Carmel thinking?
“She’s really angry and wants to make Theresa pay for ruining her life. But also she dearly wants to bring the baby up. She believes she can give Angel a better life than Theresa, who’s young and still wants to go out and have fun.”

How does she think she can keep Theresa away from her own baby when they live in the same village… and house?
“Her plan is bound to unravel.”