Hollyoaks’ Sienna to start a blaze in the Duck

Hollyoaks actress Anna Passey has revealed that her scheming alter-ego Sienna Blake will start a fire in the pub, as revenge against Nancy Osborne.

The feisty barmaid takes drastic measures in an attempt to show Nancy’s husband Darren (Ashley Taylor Dawson) that his wife’s addiction to painkillers is making her an unfit mother.

“She wants to teach Nancy a lesson. You see, Nancy’s not listened, lots of people have tried to help her, and now Sienna needs to shock her and make Darren see how serious this is,” she told All About Soap.

After finding Nancy (Jessica Fox) passed out on the sofa at The Dog In The Pond with a red-hot iron nearby, Sienna starts the blaze by putting the iron on baby Oscar’s clothes – without realising that the baby is asleep upstairs.

“She thinks she’ll start a fire and it will draw attention to how far things have gone with Nancy, and open Darren’s eyes to what a bad mum she is,” she explained.

Sienna – who has made no secret of wanting to join the Osbornes – is hailed a hero when she rescues Oscar, while Nancy is blamed for the Hollyoaks fire. Things go from bad to worse for Nancy when she finds out that her mother has had a fatal car accident in Canada.

“After lots of arguments, Nancy discovers that her mum’s been killed, so she has to go to Canada,” said Anna, teasing: “She asks Sienna to stay and look after Darren and Oscar – she’s inviting the wolf into her home!”

The scenes will be shown on Hollyoaks on June 4.


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