It's all going to kick off in Hollyoaks this Autumn as this brand new trailer shows.....

It’s all hotting up in Hollyoaks and there are going to be explosive twists, dangerous repercussions  and just to top it off, two new arrivals wending their way to the village.  The mystery of who killed Amy is about to take a startling new turn, while manipulative Mac’s jealousy of Neeta and Hunter boils over sparking a terrifying situation.

Meanwhile, Grace and Sienna continue  their mission to finish off Warren once and for all but when Sienna finds herself locked in a remote cottage miles from anywhere, it looks like it’s Warren who’s pulling all the strings. It’s all about to kick off as this brand new trailer shows….


Who Killed Amy?

The mystery of Who Killed Amy Barnes continues, but Harry will confess that he killed her to his dad, Tony! We see the toll that this takes on the village stalwart as Tony throws Harry out of the family home and tearfully apologises to Amy’s husband, Ryan. Is he about to confess that his son is the murderer who ripped Ryan’s family apart?

Mac explodes with jealousy over Neeta and Hunter’s secret affair

Mac continues to manipulate Neeta having found out about her affair with pupil, Hunter. His simmering anger reaches boiling point when he sees an intimate moment between the two of them and Neeta begs Mac to see that their relationship isn’t love. Drama ensues when Mac sets fire to a drawing of Neeta and Hunter, but will it ignite more than just another fiery argument?

Grace and Sienna want Warren dead

Grace and Sienna team up to get rid of Warren for good and Grace thinks the only way to do that is to kill him. However, it looks as if Warren has got wind of their plan when he locks Sienna away in a remote cottage and threatens to take their twins away from her once they are born.

The Maaliks are stunned to see two familiar family faces

Misbah is surprised when two new members of her family arrive. Step-son, Sami and youngest child, Imran turn up as the family are moving into their new home, but it seems that Sami might have an ulterior motive as he tries to find out who set up his dad. He knows they live in Chester and stares menacingly at The Dog in the Pond…


Other Hollyoaks drama heading our way this autumn

  • Cleo and Joel decide to have a baby
  • Darcy’s mystery man is  Adam and Jesse’s dad, Glenn
  • Myra reveals that the police have found Bart’s body
  • Darren is  released from prison early
  • Lily, Peri and Yasmine plot something big…..