Hollyoaks actress Stephanie Davis says she feels like ‘a totally new person’ since she ditched her red wig and returned to more demure black tresses.

Stephanie, 22, plays Sinead Roscoe in the Channel 4 soap and talked to What’s on TV about the upcoming British Soap Awards, for which she’s nominated in the Best Actress and Best Dramatic Performance categories.

Stephanie revealed how happy she is to ditch Sinead’s trademark red hair: “I had a lot going on personally last year and I think when you’ve got your red hair and, women especially, you just want to dye it and have a brand new start…

“You know I’ve worked really hard and I’ve been nominated for Best Actress and I thought ‘Get rid of the red hair, get back to being black’. I suit being black much better and I just feel like a totally new person. Yeah, I just love it, I just feel much more comfortable in myself.”

Stephanie also revealed that Sinead, still grief-stricken over the death of her baby daughter, begins to take revenge in next week’s Hollyoaks: “Sinead feels so hurt, she feels so let down, she wants to get revenge on everybody. I think she thinks by hurting the people that have hurt her that will help things, but actually in the long run she’s going to end up in a right big mess. But right now that’s what she wants to do.

“I think she’s gutted that [husband] Freddie didn’t stand by her and obviously she really doesn’t like Lindsey for letting her down about Katy…”

You can vote for Stephanie and Hollyoaks at the British Soap Awards website here.

Watch our chat with Hollyoaks’ Stephanie Davis (Sinead Roscoe):