Hollyoaks to explain Brendan’s ‘dark side’

Hollyoaks fans are set to find out in 2011 why show bad guy Brendan Brady is so twisted, according to producers.

Viewers have seen Brendan, played by Emmett J Scanlan, enter into an abusive relationship with Ste (Kieron Richardson).

And Paul Marquess explained that the character’s relationship with Ste will turn more complex when he gets a new love interest.

“What we’ve played in 2010 in introducing Brendan is this very dark and twisted character,” he said. One thing we want to do in 2011 is to explain why he’s like that.

“The whole domestic violence angle does continues to play but in really quite an unexpected way. The safest thing I can say is everyone should remember it was Ste who hit Amy first.

“So it’s a dark and interwoven story made all the more complicated by the introduction of a new love interest for Ste.”

Paul also said that fans can look forward to some twists between Brendan and the soap’s fellow bad boy Warren Fox, played by Jamie Lomas.

“Those two are going to take each other on in big style in 2011,” he revealed.

“Brendan’s on top, then Warren’s on top and then eventually they decide they somehow have to find a way to work together. It’s seriously exciting and funny stuff.”