Hollyoaks’ train crash tragedy: ‘Patrick might be the reason it happens,’ reveals Jeremy Sheffield

Hollyoaks villain Patrick Blake is the cause of the soap’s upcoming train crash, Jeremy Sheffield has revealed.

Jeremy admitted that his character would have a big part to play in a train disaster that is due to rock the village soon, with not all of those involved coming out alive.

Nikki Sanderson, who plays Patrick’s abused wife Maxine, added: “We all know that Patrick’s not a very nice man. Let’s just say his not nice man-ness might be involved.”

“Might be very much involved and the reason the entire crash happens. Oops!” said Jeremy.

So, is it the end of Patrick and Maxine?

“No, it’s not. They’ve split but Maxine is carrying his child,” Nikki says. “He can still manipulate and control her from afar, he doesn’t have to be her partner to do that.”

“In real people’s lives these things have repercussions for decades, for the rest of their lives because they have children involved,” says Jeremy. “They’re not shying away from that and these are the things that we’re going to see in the future.”

Hollyoaks continues on Channel 4 week nights, 6.30pm.

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