Hollyoaks‘ Victoria Atkin sats she loves dressing up and wearing make-up when she’s not playing Jasmine Costello.

As her soap character has Gender Identity Disorder and considers herself to be a boy called Jason, Victoria spends all day at work looking masculine and feels like the only female member of the cast who goes home and puts make-up on.

She told Reveal magazine: “In real life, I was a bit of a tomboy growing up, but now I love wearing make-up.

“I’m the only girl in Hollyoaks who puts make-up on to go home!”

Victoria refuses to actually cut her hair to play the part of Jason, even if it means wearing an uncomfortable wig all day.

She said: “At the moment, we’ve been using a wig to make Jasmine look like Jason. I’m happy wearing it, rather than actually having my hair cut. I wanted to keep a bit of femininity for when I go home.

“On holiday last month, it was so nice to wear a bikini in the day-time and dresses and skirts at night.

“I love getting dressed up, and I’m looking forward to the Soap Awards so people can see the difference between me and my character.”