Hollyoaks: Will Fr Francis take the money and run?

Hollyoaks actor Richard Winsor reveals to Soaplife that Carmel could be the woman to make Francis the fraud repent his sins…

We can forget the Father bit now we know Francis is a con man and no more a priest than Brendan. But poor Carmel’s still in the dark! While she thinks Francis has been away tending to the poor, he’s actually been blowing a stash of cash in Las Vegas. So why is he back in Hollyoaks? “He missed Carmel,” Richard tells Soaplife. “Conning is a way of life for him, but this time it has got complicated because he’s developed real feelings for Carmel. She’s got under his skin and it’s the first time that’s happened while he’s been pulling off a con.” We know she’s not the only reason he’s back, though. “True. He knows Cindy has a lot of money that he wants to get his hands on,” Richard reveals. “He’s got another big plan…” Better start praying Carmel!

What’s his big plan, then?

“It’s to do with fleecing Cindy. But part of him wonders if he should start a new life with Carmel in Africa to do charitable works. He’s having a real crisis of conscience, although another part of him wonders if he can have Carmel AND the money!”

So he doesn’t fancy Cindy?

“Under different circumstances he might sleep with her – she’s an attractive woman throwing herself at him. But he can’t go there because he’s supposed to be a priest and it would blow his cover. Instead he’s playing on the fact Cindy fancies him and he’s sure he can use that to get her to part with her money.”


“He gives her a guilt trip about being greedy. She thinks he’ll fall in love with her if she parts with her money and Francis is working on gaining her trust.”

Does he have a partner in crime?

“Yes, but that’s all a bit of a mystery at the moment…”

Is Francis around for a while?

“He is and he’s really going to feel torn. Should he take the money and run? And can he really bring himself to go without Carmel?”

Does he know about her tragic past?

“Not yet… and when he finds out he’s going to feel even more guilty!”

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