How Cameron Moore avoids going insane when watching himself on Hollyoaks! (VIDEO)

Hollyoaks’ Cameron Moore says he watches episodes he features in, but pretends he’s watching someone else on screen, to avoid going insane!

Cameron plays dangerous ex con Cameron Campbell in the Channel 4 soap and was nominated as Best Newcomer at last night’s National TV Awards (EastEnders’ Maddy Hill triumphed on the night).

Cameron told What’s on TV: “I think watching yourself is quite an unnatural thing anyway [but] it helps that the character’s quite different to myself. But yeah, a few things I watch and I would have done that differently. For me it helps, especially at the start… ‘These are things I can push for, I need to move the story along here’.

Does he find it hard to watch himself? “Yeah, but I kind of try distance myself and see it as if that’s someone else acting, how would I judge that and are they getting the point across. That stops you going insane.”

Watch Cameron Moore discuss his breakout year in Hollyoaks and being starstruck by Gogglebox couple Leon and June, above.