‘I play a badass, but in real life I’d run from a fight,’ says Hollyoaks’ Jorgie Porter

Theresa’s out of jail and just wants to be a good mum to Kathleen Angel and Myra-Pocahontas on Channel 4’s Hollyoaks. But somebody’s sabotaging her efforts, Jorgie Porter tells Soaplife

What’s happening to make Theresa look like a bad mum?
“Lots of things. Carmel gives Theresa a drink that’s spiked with vodka and she passes out while she’s playing with Kathleen Angel. Myra finds the baby in the middle of the floor in Theresa’s room and a pan of boiling water almost goes over Kathleen Angel. Theresa’s sure Carmel’s behind it.”

Because Theresa and Carmel aren’t getting on?
“Yes. There’s a massive feud between them and things get violent. They have a big physical fight. In real life, Gemma [Merna, who plays Carmel] kneed me right between the legs and there was a moment where I had to have a breather. I play a badass who likes to pull hair, but in real life I’d run away from a fight. Theresa and Carmel really go for it, but the fight is broken up.”

What happens when the McQueens go on a spa day?
“At first, Theresa doesn’t want Carmel there, but they make peace at the spa and things calm down between them. However, while they’re there, Sonny [Aaron Fontaine] turns up at the house and tries to kill Nana. They’re all horrified when they find out he’s behind the attack. Theresa thought he was dead and she’s scared to know he’s out there somewhere.”

And the peace doesn’t last between Theresa and Carmel, does it?
“No, because Theresa finds a leaflet from social services in Carmel’s bag and she goes insane, thinking Carmel is going to report her.”

What does Theresa do?
“She doesn’t really have to do anything because Myra [Nicole Barber-Lane] steps in and tells Carmel to get lost. She leaves and Theresa thinks she can have a fresh start with her kids now. She’s excited to have her life back.”

Then the police find one of Carmel’s shoes…
“Theresa’s worried. Even though she and Carmel haven’t been getting on, she is family and she wouldn’t want anything bad to happen to her.”

And there’s more upset to come with a big stunt, isn’t there?
“There is. It’s huge and it will have massive repercussions for Theresa. It was so exciting. It will changes lives in Hollyoaks for ever.”

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