Is Jake the husband from hell?

Jake Dean’s life is in ruins in Hollyoaks – just hours after the wedding, Nancy walks out! Actor Kevin Sacre tells us more…

Nancy wants to call off her and Jake’s Valentine’s Day wedding. Why?

“She thinks the timing is all wrong with baby Charlie being so ill.”

But Jake is having none of it right?

“He totally dismisses her concerns and insists the wedding goes ahead. He’s kind of bulldozing his way through it all. He’s desperate for the whole happy family, security thing.”

Strictly speaking, Charlie’s not his family though…

“The fact that Jake isn’t Charlie’s biological father came as a shock to him. Loads of people thought Jake knew the truth all along but that’s not so. He was so convinced he was Charlie’s dad he never even looked at the DNA results.”

So does he still see Charlie as his son?

“Charlie’s been Jake’s reason for living since Becca died and it truly doesn’t matter to him that Justin’s the biological dad. He was scared Justin would want to be ‘daddy’ when he found out but he says he wants nothing to do with Charlie much to Jake’s relief.”

Isn’t he just as worried as Nancy about Charlie then?

“He’s like ‘I’m-marrying-Nancy-so-everything-will-be-OK-no-matter-what!’ He’s gone a bit mad and tells Nancy he’s brought her wedding dress and has arranged for the wedding to be at the hospital chapel so Charlie can be there.”

And does Nancy go along with it?

“She still thinks it doesn’t feel right but Jake keeps on pushing and pushing and she gives in.”

Do they actually marry?

“Yes! But Nancy regrets it as soon as they’ve done it. It’s a big mistake and everyone else seems to think so too. Russ and Jake fight so there’s no best man and when Hannah and Sarah try to talk Nancy out of the wedding so she tells them not to bother coming!

And things go from bad to worse after the wedding. What happens?

“Stuff… very bad stuff! Basically Nancy rejects him and he ends up trying to force himself on her on their wedding night. Only Steph arriving stops him.”

Does he accept that he’s gone too far this time?

“The next day he plays the victim and tries to blame Nancy for what’s happened. That’s Jake all over these days. Nothing’s ever his fault. Everyone is to blame but him.”

Nancy also finds out it was him who made sexual allegations against her over Newt…

“He’s in such a desperate state he accidentally reveals the truth and Nancy is incensed. She tells him the marriage is over and he goes into meldown…”

And he used to be such a nice bloke!

“Yeah, I know. But I’m on a mission to make him Hollyoaks’ most hated character of all time! It’s great fun to play and seems to be working as there are loads of postings on the website which basically say ‘We hate Jake’. It’s kinda nice to be hated so much people actually take the trouble to comment on it. It means I must be doing it right.”