Hollyoaks’ Ricky Whittle says Mercedes’ revenge is nothing compared to the tragedy to come for Calvin!

Is there no chance that Calvin will give Mercedes what she wants… namely him?
“Never. He’s in love with Carmel and always has been. He never expected Mercedes to develop such deep feelings. If he’d known, he would have stayed away from her.”

He’s about to learn that if Mercedes can’t have him, no one can. What does she do?
“It’s Carmel who actually gives her the ammunition she needs for revenge. She sees Calvin at the police station and wrongly assumes it’s to do with him having left Warren to die in the fire last year.”

Why is he there?
“He’s actually there because Sasha tells him about her attack and he’s promised to support her and keep it secret. But Carmel has never really got over what Calvin did and is so worried she confides in Mercedes.”

Does Mercedes tell the police?
“Worse in a way… she tells Sasha who of course was in love with Warren. She can’t believe Calvin could have done that to Warren and her. Imagine knowing your brother had a chance to save your boyfriend and didn’t. She makes Leo choose whether she goes or Calvin goes… and Calvin ends up homeless.”

Can’t he go and live with Carmel?
“Raking up the whole Warren thing is too much for Carmel. They have a massive row and she tells Calvin they can’t get past what happened with Warren. He agrees and they split up.”

Does he have it out with Mercedes?
“He’s gutted by what she’s done and catches up with her in a dark alley. Mercedes tells him that he’s ruined her life and warns that she’s going to do the same to him.”

Where does Calvin go?
“He ends up sleeping in The Loft and sleeping with Theresa… and that’s bound to have more repercussions!”

We’ve seen the flash-forward of the wedding and Calvin’s death so somehow he and Carmel do get back together. Do you know who shoots him?
“In the lead up to the wedding just about everyone’s going to want to kill him. But right now all we know is Calvin has this beautiful moment where he marries the woman he loves – and then he gets shot in the heart!”

Are you happy with your exit storyline?
“I am because it’s so dramatic, but I didn’t want to die. I’ve really enjoyed working at Hollyoaks and would have liked the option to return…”