Hollyoaks newcomer Jacob Roberts explains all about Damon Kinsella's bid for Ellie’ Nightingale’s heart in an interview with Soaplife

Hollyoaks newcomer Jacob Roberts has talked to Soaplife about Damon’s bid for Ellie’ Nightingale’s heart. Will he persuade her to take a chance on him?

What’s the story?

Ellie Nightingale has been struggling with everyday life since Nick Savage raped her a year ago. But hunky Damon Kinsella thinks he’s the man to make her smile again.

He’s dead keen to make a move, but Holly Cunningham, who was also attacked by Nick, thinks it’s too soon.

“Holly isn’t ready to move on,” actor Jacob Roberts told Soaplife. “But Ellie is and Damon just wants to make her laugh and help her start enjoying life again.” But is Ellie actually ready for dating and having a new boyfriend?

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Hollyoaks star Jacob Roberts reveals all in an interview with Soaplife…

Soaplife: What does Damon like about Ellie?

Jacob Roberts: “She’s the one person in Hollyoaks who’s paid him a lot of attention and laughed at all his jokes. Holly’s simply taken no interest in Damon at all and he thinks she can see right through him.”

S: Would he be good for Ellie?

“I think so. He’s a nice lad and he just wants to make her laugh.”

S: What happens when Holly and Ellie arrange to have a spa night?

JR: “They’re having a spa night because it’s a year since Nick raped Ellie and they want to forget about it. Damon doesn’t know this and he winds them up, saying that spa nights are for 50-year-olds. He persuades them to come to The Dog.”

S: What happens at The Dog?

JR: “He sees a flyer for a party at The Loft and they all get drunk and go. But it’s a traffic light party – exactly like the one when Nick raped Ellie. Holly doesn’t think it’s a great idea, but Damon doesn’t take much notice.”

S: Do Ellie and Damon get together?

JR: “Well, the relationship doesn’t go quite according to plan straight away. Damon falls in love easily and, if he gets any hint a girl doesn’t feel the same way, he’s off.”

S: Is he sensitive enough for Ellie?

JR: “He is, but he probably isn’t as sensitive as he’d normally be because he’s having troubles of his own. It’s partly why he wants to go out and have a good time.”

S: Can you hint about what will happen between them?

JR: “Damon isn’t the smoothest guy, so there’ll be a few awkward moments.”

S: Are you enjoying Hollyoaks?

JR: “I am. It’s my first TV show and everyone’s been so welcoming. I get on so well with Sophie Porley, who plays Ellie. So it won’t be embarrassing if I have to kiss her!”

S: What else is coming up for Damon?

JR: “I have a lot of fun stuff, but there’s also a lot of emotional stuff coming up.”

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