Jacqui’s ultimatum: Marry me now… or never!

Hollyoaks‘ Claire Cooper reveals to Soaplife that Jacqui proposes to Rhys. But she warns marrying now could be a desperate act Jacqui may live to regret…

Jacqui slips back into Hollyoaks without warning and shocks Rhys with a marriage proposal which is immediately followed by a wedding. “But, as you can imagine, there are lots of ups and downs and twists and turns,” Claire tells Soaplife. Just what you’d expect from a Hollyoaks wedding…

Where has Jacqui been since she vanished?

“She’s been staying in Spain with Billy and her half-sister Emily. Rhys is disappointed Jacqui didn’t get in touch while she was away.”

How is Jacqui coping in the aftermath of the rape trial and the verdict going against her?

“It’s hard to deal with. As far as Jacqui’s concerned those things happened to her. But she’s got to keep her head held high because she knows people are talking about her and judging her.”

Rhys isn’t judging her… So why do they keep arguing?

“It’s not his fault. It’s because Jacqui’s struggling with her emotions. She’s on a roller-coaster. One minute she’s up and the next she comes crashing down. Jacqui and Rhys have lots of arguments. She tells him that it’s over and he’s devastated.”

But he’s determined to convince her he loves her…

“He runs around the village shouting that he loves Jacqui and plasters love messages all over the place. She knows he loves her, but I don’t think she needs any more drama.”

Yet she decides to give Rhys another chanceā€¦

“She has a heart-to-heart with Tony. He’s always honest with Jacqui and he wants her to be happy. He encourages her to give it another go with Rhys.”

We know she does better than that… She proposes!

“It’s not very romantic, though. Rhys answers the door in headphones and she says, ‘I’ve been stood here for ages waiting to propose to you.’ Rhys is a bit overwhelmed.”

And the wedding’s booked for the next day!

“It’s all very impromptu but Jacqui starts to panic and rushes round for a last-minute chat with Rhys. He tries to convince her that they’re doing the right thing, but it’s a ‘Will they, won’t they turn up for their own wedding?’ moment.

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