Jake’s both hero and villain in a tragic climax to the ‘Holly missing’ drama, reveals Hollyoaks’ Kevin Sacre.

How has Jake been feeling knowing he’s the prime suspect in Holly’s disappearance?
“It’s been really tough for him. He knows he made mistakes in the past and can’t understand why people won’t give him a chance to prove he’s a reformed man.”

Does it help when Loretta returns?
“Not much. He feels betrayed by her. She took off when he needed her most and admits she couldn’t handle Jake being accused of kidnapping Holly.”

It’s Jake of all people who finds Holly… Where’s she been?
“She’s been hiding out at Spencer’s and when she slips out Jake spots her. He can’t believe his eyes, but when she sees him she makes a run for it. He gives chase and just as he’s about to catch up with her she trips and whacks her head on the pavement… She’s out cold so Jake picks her up to take her back to Cindy
and Tony who are with a crowd of people about to form a search party.”

And Jake ends up being blamed for abducting her…
“Jake doesn’t stop to think how suspicious it looks. He just wants to take Holly back to Cindy and Tony. But instead he ends up arrested and clamped in handcuffs. But without any evidence against him the police have to let him go.”

Is Holly OK?
“She ends up in a coma in hospital which plunges Jake into another nightmare…”

Does his family believe his innocence?
“Frankie believes him, but not Steph. She tells Frankie either Jake goes or she does.”

So where does he go?
“He gets a call from this woman called Caroline who he met in the psychiatric unit. She’s seen Holly’s story in the papers and believes he’s innocent. Jake’s so grateful that someone believes in him he goes to be with her without telling anyone.”

Is vanishing a good idea?
“No, and not just because it makes him look guilty. It turns out that Caroline is mentally unstable and she ends up tying him up and taking him hostage. She tells Jake she’s going to kill Holly, so that nobody will ever find out he’s innocent, then he’ll have to stay with her.”

Does she succeed?
“She nearly kills Loretta instead. She’s found out she’s his girlfriend and Loretta is in the wrong place when Jake escapes and catches up with Caroline at the hospital. Caroline grabs Loretta instead of Holly and is about to inject a lethal
dose when Jake manages to wrestle her to the floor. The needle ends up in Caroline instead.”

Will life get better for Jake now?
“I don’t know. He and Loretta do get back together, but with all that’s happened he’s left feeling pretty low… and pretty bitter…”