Hollyoaks’ James Atherton reveals to Soaplife that Will is going to use every low trick in the book to get his way with Texas – and all because he wants to hurt Dodger!

He may have put himself in that wheelchair but Hollyoaks‘ Will is determined that Texas will be the one who pays. “He’s going to carry on living with Texas and manipulate her to get what he wants,” James tells Soaplife. And when she falls for his tricks, it just makes him worse…

How much does Will regret crippling himself?
“He’s full of self-hatred. Will knows that he’s put himself in this horrible position but his way of coping is by making other people suffer.”

Such as Texas…
“He’s going to let her go on believing she caused his fall. He doesn’t feel bad about Texas’s guilt because it helps him to control her. He doesn’t even want her to have a night out with her mates. He hates the fact that he doesn’t know where she is, so he throws himself out of his wheelchair and calls her. She comes rushing back and promises not to leave him alone again.”

Except Texas has plans to go to New York…
“He hears that Jen has given Texas this idea of going to New York to do a photography course and he’s determined to put a stop to it. He tells Texas not to worry about him, that he’s going to move into an assisted living facility. He puts on this ‘Don’t worry, I’ll be fine’ face and Texas comes running after him…”

“Texas persuades Will to remain with her and she kisses him. Will’s thrilled and he immediately wants Dodger to find out that he and Texas are an item. He wants is to see Dodger’s hurt, but Texas doesn’t want him to know about them.”

Could it be that it’s Dodger who Texas really loves?
“When Dodger gives Texas a goodbye kiss, she realises that she does still have feelings for him. Will doesn’t know but he’s suspicious and paranoid…”

Could Will walk again?
“The doctors have told him that it’s unlikely. He’s looking at the possibility of a lifetime in that wheelchair – and he feels trapped and frustrated. He can’t control Texas all the time and that’s going to lead him to do more crazy things…”