Hollyoaks star James Sutton has said he feels the most proud of his character’s rape storyline out of everything he has done on the soap.

James plays John Paul McQueen, who was raped by his pupil Finn O’Connor (Keith Rice), who had also been bullying his teacher, and James said he had worked hard on the storyline.

He told Inside Soap: “I’m very proud of the storyline about John Paul’s rape. We put an awful lot of work into it and I think we’ve handled it really well for an early evening soap.

“The feedback’s been great and I know it’s had a genuinely positive effect on a lot of people. I need that reassurance when doing something like this, as it’s such a sensitive thing. It can’t be taken lightly – the whole team has been wicked.”

The 31-year-old star also revealed his first acting job had been a violent part, explaining: “My first role was an episode of Trial And Retribution. I was 22, about a year before I joined Hollyoaks the first time.

“I had to kick an old lady to death and set her on fire, so I was working with a stunt granny.”


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