Jennifer: Mercedes reduced to silence by betrayal

Hollyoaks siren Jennifer Metcalfe has revealed Mercedes Fisher is left ‘in a bit of a mess’ after finding out love interest Riley Costello and friend Lynsey Nolan are in a relationship.

Hollyoaks‘ fiery beauty will learn of the pair’s romance just days after finding killer Silas Blissett – who also held Mercedes captive in a vault – won’t face trial for his crimes.

Jennifer said of Lynsey (Karen Hassan) and Riley’s (Rob Norbury) revelation, which occurs at a Jubilee bash at the McQueens’ house: “She’s in a bit of a mess, she reacts a lot more down that you’d expect her to.

“It’s quite a shock actually for the audience and it was for me to film, it just took a different spin on it. Mercedes is always kicking off around the village if everything doesn’t go as she likes. This time silence says a lot.”

Jennifer said her glamorous character has to face up to her ordeal with Silas once and for all after hearing the news he has been spared trial.

“With everything she tries to put everything in a little box and leave it there. I think now that box is getting pretty full and this is just one thing too many,” she explained.

“Other things have happened before which were pretty bad, but I think this was really traumatic because Riley (Silas’s grandson) is still there reminding her every day. Even though she’s still in love with him, it’s pretty hard and I think eventually that box gets too full and she has to deal with it.”