Jennifer Metcalfe has admitted it was far from glamorous filming her latest Hollyoaks scenes.

The soap’s fans will see her alter-ego Mercedes Fisher involved in a dramatic hostage situation when she is locked up by Clare Devine (Gemma Bissix) in a cage surrounded by dogs.

Jennifer told Digital Spy: “They’re really fab scenes and there’s a lot of high drama. They weren’t very glamorous to film, as we were in the middle of a cage in a scrapyard when we’d been having all of the blizzards and the snow. However, once we watched some of the footage back, we could see that it was worth every minute.

“First of all, Mercedes is trapped on her own in the cage, but then Clare brings Dr Browning along too. She threatens both of them with some wild dogs, so it’s all very dramatic!”

Jennifer is back on screen after a short break.

“It’s fab to be back. It took me a couple of weeks to warm back up again, as they always chuck me back in with a massive storyline! I’d been hoping that I’d get an easy ride for a month or two,” she said.

“It was quite challenging for a couple of weeks as I was getting back into the swing of things, but I soon got to grips with it again and it’s great to be filming some really good stuff. I’m really enjoying it.”