Jennifer Metcalfe prefers Hollyoaks drama

Hollyoaks actress Jennifer Metcalfe has admitted that she prefers dramatic storylines for her character Mercedes McQueen – as happy ones would be more boring.

Jennifer’s alter ego is set to face some more gripping plots after she learns that killer Silas Blissett will not face trial, and that Riley Costello and Lynsey Nolan are an item – but the actress said she enjoyed the challenge of the weightier stories.

“Happiness can get boring to play. It’s nice when Mercedes is in a couple and settled down, but it’s quite nice to spice things up for her again,” she said.

“And there’s loads of that coming up so I’m just really excited. I hope the audience will enjoy it as well.”

However she said she also liked having some lighter scenes to balance the drama.

“When you’re doing the comedy it’s brilliant, but then you feel like you want a challenge, and then you get heavy stuff and you think, ‘Oh I just want to come into work and be light-hearted’,” Jennfier admitted.

“It’s all in moderation. I’m very lucky that the writers do find a good moderation for me.

“At the minute what you’re seeing on screen is quite depressing and downplayed, but that soon gets turned around and you get to see Mercedes’ fun side as well.”

And she added that her time on the soap, which she joined in 2006, had flown.

“It feels about two-and-a-half, three years. But it’s a great cast and crew there so you get settled very quickly,” she explained.

“As long as they keep on writing and producing the scripts that challenge me, then I’m happy and I’m happy for the foreseeable future.”