Hollyoaks‘ Jessica Fox reveals to Soaplife that Nancy’s deviousness leaves her baby fighting for his life!

Mum-to-be Nancy is 26 weeks’ pregnant. Instead of putting her feet up, though, she’s taking risks to help her on-the-run mate Mitzeee with clothes and money. But her mercy mission ends tragically when she goes into premature labour. “Nancy’s utterly terrified,” says Jessica. Will the baby survive?

Is Nancy certain Mitzeee didn’t stab Mercedes?
“Yes. She’s always known her friend was innocent. Mitzeee isn’t capable of stabbing Mercedes and she shouldn’t be in prison. Nancy knows Mercedes has set Mitzeee up as she’s threatened her on a couple of occasions. She even said something bad might happen to Nancy’s baby if she doesn’t get her nose out and that’s made Nancy more determined.”

Why is Nancy keeping all this a secret from Darren?
“She knows Darren is so focused on the baby that if she told him he’d be really angry. Nancy feels he doesn’t understand the relationship she has with Mitzeee and he hasn’t been terribly supportive. So there’s a lot of hiding her mobile phone and waiting for Darren’s back to be turned. Nancy keeps dashing out or saying that she’s going for a nap. She’s being quite devious.”

Does Nancy worry that the police might be secretly watching her?
“No. She’s a heavily pregnant lady that they probably wouldn’t suspect. Even when the police are camped outside she’s still tugging them for information. They just think she’s being a bit nosy.”

Is she worried all this could be a strain on her baby?
“At the moment she feels incredibly tired, but she’s sure that everything’s fine and all she needs to do is focus on her friend.”

But everything’s not fine…
“Nancy’s with Mitzeee when she gets these sudden twinges and she thinks nothing of it – but then the contractions really start to kick in. She’s only 26 weeks’ pregnant and she’s totally terrified. She calls Darren, who rushes round to collect her. He thinks she’s been having a sleep, so he’s not best pleased to see her with Mitzeee. Darren takes Nancy to hospital and tells Mitzeee that he’ll turn her into the police if she’s still there when he gets back.”

What happens at the hospital?
“Nancy’s doubled over in agony. They try giving her some medication to stop the contractions, but it’s too late and the baby’s on its way. She ends up having an emergency Caesarean.

And gives birth to a tiny baby boy! Will he survive?
“They don’t know if he’ll make it through the night. It’s a terrible time for Nancy and Darren.”