Hollyoaks actress Jorgie Porter has admitted that she ignores her boyfriend, co-star James Atherton, when they are both at work in a bid to remain professional.

Jorgie, who has played Theresa McQueen in the show since 2008, told Inside Soap magazine that she can’t help feeling awkward when she is around James – who plays Will Savage – on set, even though their characters are now dating.

“I’m a bit weird at work – I sort of ignore James and get shy and freak out!” she admitted

“He’s very professional, whereas I’m a bit daft and giddy, and jump around a lot. But people don’t want to see a couple being all loved-up and kissing in the corridors.”

However Jorgie added that Will was the best boyfriend single mum Theresa has ever had, following a string of failed romances for the character.

“Will is the man Theresa has been most suited to,” Jorgie said. “And I’m partly saying that because James is my boyfriend in real life, of course.

“But Will’s also totally different from Theresa, a real geek who kept her out of trouble. I think that was good for her. Theresa does love a bad boy, doesn’t she? I’m hoping she’ll grow out of it!”