Hollyoaks’ Justin Burton is not sure he wants to be Charlie’s dad reveals actor Chris Fountain… that is until Jake tries to shut him out of his son’s life!

How does Justin feel about being Charlie’s real dad?
“He’s in a weird place with it. He doesn’t know what to do. He’s always suspected he might be Charlie’s dad but then Jake threw the DNA results away.”

Does Justin resent Jake for not telling him the truth earlier?
“He resents Jake for lots of things. They’ve had a few scraps and Jake did kidnap Justin a while back. Because of their history, they’re hardly mates.”

How does Justin feel about Charlie?
“Justin doesn’t love him exactly � he hasn’t spent enough time with him for that. He does feel something for him though and those feelings are growing as he gets to know him better.”

And are things more intense because Charlie’s so sick?
“Definitely. He had no reservations about donating his bone marrow to help Charlie but now there’s also an element of him being scared of becoming attached to Charlie in case Charlie dies.”

If Charlie lives, will Justin want to be the man Charlie calls daddy?
“Like I say, Justin’s very confused. He knows he should want to be Charlie’s dad but he enjoys not having any responsibilities. There’s also the fear that he’ll alienate Katy if he becomes so involved with Charlie.”

How are Nancy and Justin getting on?
“Better than they ever have done before. Nancy’s never liked Justin but she can’t hate Justin now she knows Justin is Charlie’s natural father.”

Justin ends up siding with her against Jake. How does that happen?
“Jake’s stopped Nancy seeing Charlie by withdrawing her visiting rights and Justin is shocked. He witnesses Jake telling Nancy she’s useless and will never get custody of Charlie and he sees Jake in a new light.”

What does he do?
“He tells Nancy he can’t bear to see his son raised by a monster like Jake and finally agrees to stand by her in her fight to gain custody of Charlie.”

And he helps her see Charlie in hospital too…
“He tells her she can visit with him. He’s really moved when she pours out her heart to Charlie.”

And then Jake finds out?
“He walks in on them and immediately strips Justin of his visiting rights too.”

Will Justin allow him to do that?
“At the time he and Nancy are powerless to stop him throwing them out but there’s no way they’ll accept it.”

Has all this brought back feelings of guilt about Becca?
“Justin’s actions caused Becca’s death and, yes, being confirmed as Charlie’s dad has brought up his feelings of guilt again. Justin is responsible for his son losing his mother.”

Will being a dad ultimately have a positive or negative effect on Justin’s life?
“Negative probably. Only bad stuff tends to happen to Justin!”