Keith Duffy’s son Jay misses his home comforts

Jay Duffy has confessed he is really missing his mum’s cooking while he has been away filming Hollyoaks.

The 15-year-old son of Boyzone and Coronation Street star Keith Duffy joins the soap this week as Brendan Brady’s son Declan, but admitted he missed his home in Ireland while staying in a hotel to film the soap.

Jay said: “I’ve missed home comforts. My own bed, I miss that a lot.

“I miss my mam’s cooking. That’s always a big thing – I miss the roast every night. I’ve had to have hotel dinner while I’m here so I miss that a lot, but it’s good fun.”

Jay’s character only visits for the summer, but he has really enjoyed getting stuck into the role, and working with Emmett Scanlan, who plays his bad dad Brendan, and is a friend of his real dad Keith.

He said: “Declan is just an ordinary lad form Dublin, a school kid, who’s coming over to visit his dad for a couple of weeks while his mam goes away, so it’s just all about him getting to know his dad.

“He doesn’t know his dad very well at all because his mam and dad split up when he was at a very young age, so he has to really find out what his dad is like.

“He is pretty happy to see his dad to be honest, he’s always wanted to chill out with him for a while, but it is pretty awkward at the same time because they know nothing about each other.

“Will Brendan tell his son all about his stuff and what’s going on with him? It’s all about that sort of thing…”

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