Hollyoaks’ Kieron Richardson reveals that Amy moves back in and vows Ste will never lose her again…

Has Ste told Amy how he feels?

“He’s been playing it a bit cool because he doesn’t want to scare her off. He knows if he really opens up and tells her how he feels he’ll end up putting his foot in it by asking her to marry him or something.”

Was he at all critical about how she could go and leave little Leah and Lucas?

“No, because she had postnatal depression, which wasn’t her fault. To be honest, he loves her so much she could do anything and he’d forgive her.”

What makes her decide to move back in with him?

“She makes the decision when she’s persuading her dad, Mike, that she’ll be fine and he should follow his heart and go off travelling with Zoe. The first Ste knows is when she turns up on his doorstep. Then Mike turns up to warn Ste off hurting Amy again. Ste vows not to let Mike down and he means it.”

How does living together again go?

“Ste’s being really careful because he always says and does the wrong thing. He wants to provide the secure family life that he didn’t have. Amy’s family are really dysfunctional too. He wants them to create this happy family bubble.”

Have we seen the last of bad Ste?

“He’s grown up a lot, but he still has the capacity to be bad, which I like as I love the drama. But I don’t want him to behave too badly as I’d hate to get killed off. I love working on Hollyoaks and I’m one of those actors who’s always begging to sign a new contract!”

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