Leela’s hen party is ruined by a raging Cameron in Hollyoaks

Leela looks forward to a night of partying but the evening screeches to an abrupt halt...

An excited Leela is busy preparing for her hen night but is sad to think of her hubby-to-be, Cameron, without his brother Lockie, and suggests he come along to her do for a bit of fun.

Meanwhile Tegan decides to liven up Leela’s party and pays Zack to be the stripper.

Everyone is having a great time but when Zack turns up and starts swinging his hips about and shedding his clothes, Cameron sees red.

Raging with jealousy, he storms over and punches Zack to the floor.  Pregnant Leela is horrified by her man’s actions but there’s much worse to come.

With her wedding to Cameron just a day away, what other shocks, spills  and gruesome revelations are headed her way?