Alex Carter tells Soaplife Lee thinks he’s found ‘the one’ – until he hits Hollyoaks!

What’s it like to be bringing Lee back to Hollyoaks?

“Great. It feels like a new job but it’s somewhere I’m really comfortable. I’m excited to be back. I love Lee because he’s such fun to play. I left Emmerdale because I felt like a bit of an extra but I’ve been really busy since coming back to Hollyoaks.”

What has Lee been up to since we last saw him?

“It’s a bit of a mystery. There’s mention of him working on a cruise ship as a Gareth Gates impersonator but that’s about it. He’s got his fiancée Leanne with him. It’s a long-term relationship and he’s very much in love with her.”

Why has he returned?

“To study. He wants to be a director and he’s doing a drama course at the college. He’s sharing a room with his fiancée Leanne in the halls of residence.”

Is he pleased to see old friends?

“There aren’t that many still around. But, yes, it’s nice to see people like Tony again. He also hears Steph’s really ill and he’s too afraid to approach her as he doesn’t know what to say but she comes up to him and breaks the ice.”

Is Leanne the one?

“He thinks so. I’m not sure how they met but I know it’s serious.”

And yet it all starts to go wrong the minute he’s back in the village… What happens?

“Leanne snogs Doug, a new wild child exchange student, but Lee doesn’t know about it. Then Lee kisses Amy. They strike up a friendship and the kiss sort of comes out of nowhere. I guess Lee and Leanne are both having the same doubts about the seriousness of their relationship. Perhaps it’s the pressure of being in college with so many young, free and single people…”

Is Hollyoaks very different to Emmerdale?

“Yes, I’ve gone from being one of the youngest and thinnest cast members to the oldest and fattest! Lee’s supposed to be 23 but I’m actually 28 in real life.”

How long are you planning to stay in Hollyoaks?

“It was going to be for six months but it’s been extended to a year. However, that could all change.”

What’s in store for Lee?

“I hope it’s lots of light-hearted moments. I don’t want any crying scenes. Seriously, though, I’ll take whatever they give me.”