Loretta traps Jake!

Hollyoaks Melissa Walton hints that Loretta’s attraction to Jake may not be all it seems!

Loretta tells Jake it was her, not Hannah, who wrote the letters to him when he was inside. How does he react?

“He’s freaked out. He says, ‘Why would you do that? You don’t even know me.’ She replies, ‘I just understand you.’ The letters give them a bond even though it’s all a bit odd.”

Why did she write the letters?

“She felt really sorry for him. She thinks he deserves a second chance.”

A second chance? But he tried to murder Charlie and rape Nancy…

“Loretta’s big on forgiveness. She believes Jake’s changed, that he’s learnt from his time inside and he’s paid his debt to society.”

Does Loretta fancy Jake?

“Oh yes. She was attracted to Jake from the first moment she saw him.”

Jake isn’t supposed to have contact with Charlie yet Loretta deliberately engineers a meeting.Why?

“Jake’s told Loretta he might be going back to prison if he faces trial for the attempted murder of Charlie. He might never see Charlie again. So when Nancy asks Loretta to babysit Charlie she seizes the opportunity and takes him to the park to see Jake.”

But Jake’s not best pleased we hear…

“He knows he shouldn’t be with Charlie and is suspicious of her motives. But the day before his parole hearing he asks her out for a drink.”

Does she go?

“She turns him down. It’s difficult with Nancy and Kris and so many others all shunning Jake. She feels bad and apologises for not supporting him but tries to explain why.”

The charges against Jake are dropped when it’s ruled he wasn’t of sound mind when he tried to kill Charlie. Does that change Loretta’s attitude towards him?

“It’s a tricky one. Loretta flirts with Jake… but when he moves in for a kiss she pulls away and says ‘No!’ She says he’s moving too fast.”

Is Loretta a bit scared of him really?

“Not at all. She reckons he was ill and did some bad things but he’s been through his treatment and he’s better now.”

Soaplife reckons Loretta’s getting together with Jake for a reason… Is she hiding something?

“Possibly. But I can’t say anything more just yet… except it’ll be worth the wait.”

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