Loretta turns bunny-boiler!

Hollyoaks’ Melissa Walton reveals that Loretta wasn’t just a stalker in her past… she still is!

Has Loretta noticed a change in Jake since her ex Adam warned him what she’s really like?

“Well, he’s not looking to move into a flat with her any more so that’s a bit of a clue he now has doubts about their relationship…”

Will Loretta be trying to convince Jake he can trust her?

“She’s definitely not giving up on him. What he thought was love is already actually an obsession. She wants to totally control him.”

Loretta must be over the moon then when Frankie suggests she moves in with them…

“She’s round the dinner table with the family so Jake doesn’t have a chance to say anything when Frankie makes the offer and Loretta immediately accepts. It’s perfect for her as she can spend every waking moment with Jake.”

Is her obsession with men she’s been involved with a pattern?

“You sense Adam wasn’t the only ex-partner she stalked. She has a mobile full of men’s numbers.”

What makes her act like this?

“You find out much later on that it’s because of something that happened in her past. Her obsession really is getting full-on if she even gets jealous of Jake’s sister Steph… She’s jealous of anybody who gets Jake’s attention – including Steph when he helps her run Mobs.”

How does she cope with that?

“She tells him she’s had leukaemia.”

Has she really?

“No. It’s a lie which he soon susses. Charlie had leukaemia so he knows everything about it. She doesn’t!”

How does Jake react?

“He’s furious and throws her out.”

Will Loretta leave it at that?

“She’s not going anywhere. She’s deluded and manipulative and he hasn’t seen anything yet!”

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