Hollyoaks newcomer Twinnie Lee Moore tells Soaplife about her character Porsche’s arrival – and how it leads to tragedy for the McQueens…

It’s a good news/bad news scenario when a new McQueen arrives in Hollyoaks… Porsche is there to get married – but the wedding party train crashes! “The train is full. The McQueens are there along with lots of people from the village. The crash will have huge repercussions,’ says Twinnie.

So where has Porsche been parked before Hollyoaks?
“She’s engaged to Lockie Campbell [Nick Rhys] and they’ve been together for about six months – they met while working on the cruise ships. Porsche’s a McQueen cousin and Nana [Diane Langton] was an important part of her early life. She’s about 25 and she’s feisty, bolshie and really loyal. A typical McQueen. Family comes first for her.”

And she just turns up?
“Yes, at the hospital where John Paul [James Sutton] is. She has a suitcase, a tacky holiday bag and a lot of leg on show. Everyone’s shocked to see her.”

How does she announce her engagement?
“The family are all together and she tells them and explains that it’s Lockie she’s marrying. She’s there because she wants her family around her on her big day. She has a sisterly bond with Mercedes [Jennifer Metcalfe]. They all end up going to The Loft for a little party and Lockie announces that their reception is going to be on board a train.”

What’s the wedding like?
“It’s like My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding. Bold, brash and loud.”

What happens to the train?
“I can’t tell you exactly, but there were explosions, fire and a lot of smoke. I also landed on a stunt person’s face!”

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