Mercedes wants Calvin!

Hollyoaks‘ Jennifer Metcalfe says Mercedes believes she’s won when Calvin agrees to call off his wedding… So what will she do when he doesn’t?!

Why can’t Mercedes accept Calvin loves Carmel more than her?

“Because in her head he doesn’t. She can’t think rationally about this. Her thing for Calvin is an obsession now.”

It’s about her wanting something she can’t have…

“Someone’s threatening Calvin to call off the wedding or else… How does Mercedes know this?”

He tells her but she doesn’t give anything away…

“She does cancel Carmel’s wedding plans though…”

Does Carmel find out it was her?

“Mercedes does it in pure desperation. She can’t bear the idea of Carmel marrying Calvin. Carmel’s heartbroken but she has no idea it was Mercedes… and the wedding’s still on.”

Then Mercedes makes Calvin promise to call it off. How does she do that?

“She lures him to a hotel room. Calvin gets a mystery call telling him to go to a particular hotel if he wants to know who’s behind the threats.”

And he finds Mercedes scantily dressed… Is he shocked?

“Yes… but not as shocked as she is when he comes in the room pointing a gun at her! He thinks he’s meeting the mystery person so he’s protecting himself.”

Does her plan to seduce him work?

“Oh yes. They have a day of passion. The scenes are so full on and at times Ricky Whittle [Calvin] and I were thinking ‘Is this too much?’ But that’s what it’s like between Mercedes and Calvin. It’s all about the sex.”

So why does he agree to call off his and Carmel’s wedding…

“Mercedes tries everything to get through to Calvin. They talk, shout and cry and she tells him she loves him. Then she insists if he really wants to stop the threats he should do what they say and not marry Carmel. She says he should marry her instead. Calvin’s just sat there like a puppy, being manipulated by her. In the end he says he wants to be with her and he will tell Carmel.”

But he doesn’t…

“Mercedes finds him drinking champagne in The Loft with Carmel and Malachy and can’t believe he’s chosen Carmel over her. She makes him sweat as she tells Carmel she can’t marry him… then leaves Calvin to try to explain.”

We know the gun Calvin had at the hotel vanishes from The Loft safe… Has Mercedes got it?

“Is it her who shoots him at the wedding? She’s got it in her but my natural instinct is to think she’s not a murderer.”

Can there be any future for Mercedes and Malachy after this?

“She does still love him and Malachy does something very, very soon that shows her just how much he still loves her…”

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