Hollyoaks Jennifer Metcalfe tells Soaplife Malachy’s in a fight for his life after the big fire… and Mercedes is praying he wins!

How badly injured is Malachy?
“He’s in a coma when Mercedes gets there, but he wakes up and starts to speak, so she’s really relieved. He suddenly appears to be a lot stronger.”

Is he going to be OK?
“She hopes so. However, the doctors tell her that Malachy inhaled a lot of smoke and it’s a question of what damage that’s done to his organs.”

Could he die of his injuries?
“Yes, he could.”

Did she really mean it when she said she wanted to have baby with him?
“She has pretended she wanted a baby with Malachy before, but this is real. For the first time, she really does want a child.”

Does she love Malachy?
“Yes. Seeing him with Lynsey made her realise how much she loved him. You saw in the late night shows that she was prepared to have unprotected sex with him. She loves him enough to risk getting HIV.”

Has she finally realised how special he is?
“Yes. He shielded her from the explosion by throwing himself over her, which proves to her how much he loves her. She knows that’s special and regrets she ever took him and his love granted.”

Do you think she regrets the affair with Calvin?
“Yeah. Absolutely.”

Is Mercedes afraid that Malachy won’t survive?
“When the doctors tell her that his condition is critical, she won’t accept it. She just keeps telling herself that he is going to get better and they’ll have a future together.”

Is she keeping a vigil by his bedside?
“Yes, along with Cheryl, Lynsey and Kris who comes back.”

How does Cheryl feel about Mercedes?
“She blames Mercedes for what’s happened to him. She hasn’t liked her since she found out she cheated on Malachy. They have a bit of a catfight at the hospital. There’s a bit of pushing and shoving.”

What would Mercedes do if Malachy died?
“She would be devastated. I think she’d also find it hard to live with the guilt of what she did. She desperately wants this chance to make things work between them. Malachy is the only positive thing in her life. She’s got no career and she doesn’t get on with her family any more. She thinks that she’s nothing without him. It would be truly awful for her if she lost him.”