Mercy’s dangerous affair!

Hollyoaks Jennifer Metcalfe warns now Mercedes has had a taste of Calvin she’s going to be back for more…

What’s made Mercedes look outside her marriage for love?

“Malachy’s been working hard to provide for them and he hasn’t had a lot of time for her.”

How is cheating the answer?

“Mercedes wasn’t looking for someone else. It just happened after she confided in Calvin… and suddenly they were kissing.”

Could Malachy’s HIV be starting to drive a wedge between them?

“Every three months Mercedes has to have an HIV test and, yes, it is making her resent Malachy a bit. She can’t help wondering what it would be like to be with someone like Calvin who isn’t HIV positive.”

Carmel interrupts her and Calvin mid-flirt… How does she feel?

“Guilty. Carmel turns up at The Loft to take her for her HIV check-up and Mercedes and Calvin both think ‘We shouldn’t be doing this.’”

The hospital calls to say she has to be re-tested… Is it bad news?

“Mercedes panics that it is. She tells Calvin and he’s there for her.”

But not Malachy?

“She keeps it to herself but later snaps that she has to be re-tested and says she won’t forgive him if she is positive. It’s a huge relief for them when the test is negative.”

Does that mean they’re OK?

“Not really. She still feels resentful towards Malachy and she and Calvin nearly kiss again.”

Then Malachy gives her an eternity ring on their anniversary…

“Mercedes feels so guilty. Seeing the effort he’s gone to reminds her what she’s been missing from him.”

Will she get what she’s missing from Malachy or Calvin?

“Let’s just say she starts flirting with Calvin again very soon.”

Producer Lucy Allan told us Mercedes would have a dangerous affair. How dangerous will it get?

“I do know but I’m not telling… yet.”

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