Messy Roscoe boys wear bibs to protect their Christmas clobber

Hollyoaks star Charlie Clapham has revealed he and his on-screen brothers had to wear bibs to keep their suits clean for the Christmas episodes.

One of the Roscoes is set to tie the knot at Christmas, but it is being kept top secret whether it will be mum Sandy or one of her sons Joe or Freddie.

Charlie, who plays Freddie, revealed: “When you’re filming, especially the Christmas period, things can get a little bit hectic and you have to eat in the middle of it all, and you’ve got to look smart.

“And it is quite funny when we’re all dressed up for an occasion, all the brothers, even lunch time is just one big hazard. We all like to eat quite a lot, especially me and my little brother Charlie (Wernham, who plays Robbie Roscoe). And we don’t half get some food all over the place and costume are just screaming at us! So some days they just wrap a towel around us!”

The actor was keeping quiet about whether it is Freddie who ties the knot with Sinead O’Connor. But he did reveal: “It’s a bizarre relationship. They need each other for pretty much the same reason and yet their love is completely and utterly different, and it’s a strange relationship. But it’s been through quite a lot so I wouldn’t assume that Fred and Sinead part ways any time soon.

“I certainly think this Christmas will be another test for them.”

Sinead (Stephanie Davis) is set to try and expose Freddie’s secret feelings for his brother Joe’s partner Lindsey Butterfield (Sophie Austin).

Charlie said of Freddie and Lindsey: “I think just the notion that maybe someone admires you, someone that’s been close to you, as soon as you have secrets with someone, you’re not telling me that that thought doesn’t flash through your head. It doesn’t mean she’s in love with Fred. But as the weeks go by something has to develop there.”